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Yang Sirui was born in Nanjing, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties of China. She used to describe herself as a Martian, but now she has officially left the "planet" and embarked on a journey into "space".

"I currently live and study in Nanjing, China and Naarm/Melbourne, Australia. Not yet an artist but for sure a creative thinker & practitioner. So I am on the way to be. "

Current art practices encompass drawing and painting, digital illustration, photography also installation art.  She gradually discovered that innocence (natural essence) and profound (complexity), through spontaneous thinking and interdisciplinary exploration, form a complementary relationship in her creation. As far as Sirui is concerned, this kind of complementarity in contemporary fields, especially the collision between human civilization and nature, inspires Sirui to find the eternity belonging to the ontology in the ever-changing environment. 

杨(Yang)思睿(Sirui),出生于中国六朝古都 —— 南京。她曾形容自己是个“火星人”,但她已正式离开了自己的“星球”并从此踏上了太空之旅。


“我目前在中国南京和澳大利亚 Naarm /墨尔本生活和学习。我还不是一名艺术家,但肯定是一个有创造力的思想实践者。所以我正在‘路上’。”


Sirui通过自发的思考和跨学科的探索,逐渐发现纯真(自然的本质)和深刻(事物的错综复杂性)在她的创作中形成了一种互补的关系。对于目前的Sirui而言,当代领域中的这类互补, 尤其演变为人类文明与自然之间的碰撞, 启发着Sirui去变化万千的环境中寻找着属于本体的永恒。


Ongoing    MA Arts and Cultural MGMT, UniMelb

2022    BA Fine Art, Gold and Silversmithing, RMIT

2020    Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts, RMIT  


Group Exhibitions

2022    Big Amygdala Energy Zine LaunchScience Gallery Melbourne & SIGNAL Arts, Australia

          The FAITH in Pandemic Times, Incinerator Gallery, Moonee Valley, Australia  

          INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY  3.0, Platform Exhibitions, Melbourne, Australia

          Rendering: Jewellery and Objects, Craft Contemporary 2022, Assembly Point, Melbourne, Australia

          Hyper Nature, Jewellery display with Valentin Ostrom and Rachel Simoons, Building 2, RMIT, Australia

          VANTAGE, A Perspective of Place, Red Gallery, Australia 

2021    The 3rd Winner of  NEMESIS  (virtual), The Holy Art Gallery, London, UK

           Rendering: Jewellery and Objects, Radiant Pavilion 2021, Creative Spaces, Melbourne, Australia

          Fifty Square Art Prize, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

          Contemporary Venice 2021, Venice, Italy

2020     Amended 2020  Online Grad Show, RMIT, Australia   

Solo Exhibition


2019     Experimental public art project: SINposium x Natural Spirits, Building 94, RMIT, Australia



2023      Shortlisted, VAA International Exhibition & Scholarship Prize 2023, London, UK

2023     "A Like Artist" New Collectors' Art Book, Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art, Barcelona, Spain

2022     Interview:10 Questions With Sirui Yang, Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art, Barcelona, Spain


2022     MC, MMEETs - Resident Reflection: Close to Home, MPavilion & SIGNAL Arts, Australia 

            Co-performer, SWARM: SCRAM! Science Gallery Melbourne & SIGNAL Arts, Australia

           Co-curator, Big Amygdala Energy ZineScience Gallery Melbourne & SIGNAL Arts, Australia

           Co-curator, Hyper Nature, Jewellery display with Valentin Ostrom & Rachel Simoons, Building 2, RMIT, Australia

2021     Co-curator, FrünceTrocadero Art Projects, Australia

2019     Curator, SINposium x Natural Spirits, RMIT, Australia



Nov. 2021 - Ongoing   SIGNAL Curators, Melbourne, Australia 

Aug. 2020 - Ongoing   Trocadero Art Projects, Melbourne, Australia 


2022   RMIT Badge: Peer Mentoring 2022

2021    Common Purpose: RMIT Global Leader Experience Asia-Pacific 2021

          Common Purpose: RMIT Leadership Forum Worldwide 2021

          RMIT Badges: Global Leader Experience 2021

          MUS24.5x, HarvardX

2019    We Are we are, Honourable Mention, ND Photography Awards​​


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