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What it is and for? 


Mainly an on-site performance about human self-awakening and redemption, integrating dance, music, singing, and installation arts. This project will set as a group of 6-10 people (include the six performers /1 playwright / 1 Creative Director / 1 Acting Director / 1 Stage design /projection and sound effects/b.g.m / Video/Photography Records) who have ideas, talent and different cultural backgrounds, who are trying to speak out for cultural diversity and related topics. 

The actors and actresses will perform both self-expression (solo part) and group interaction under the basic story frame. 

In addition to the most significant highlight, the dance performance, if possible, some art installations (personal creative research and development) related to our plot will be exhibited.

In March 2020, taking the school’s project as an opportunity, I started my artistic creation with 3 objects, and created this story as an extensive framework at the beginning of my exploration. Later, I drew some sketches and an acrylic painting to explore the possibility of developing more about this story in the future and submit the final work.

Why acting is one of the best ways to present it? 

The biggest highlight of this project is that it does not fill up all the imagination space, which means that the performers can combine their social and cultural backgrounds and perform a certain degree of freedom of almost 60% - 70% in the story's context. Moreover, I believe that some people have a stage dream like me, but we are limited to show ourselves because of the limitations of reality. In completing the school’s projects, this story frame became increasingly mature, which gave me greater confidence in performance projects. I hope that the audience can feel our sincerity during the performance and inspire them to think and awaken one's life.


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The Story Background

No matter what era or social structure we are in, it always has its own rules that bind us and alienates people. Everything is changing; time is rotating. Human civilisation has changed through the vicissitudes of life, but as humans, we can still get rid of the shackles of time. Sometimes we are like marionettes, enslaved by time, driven by the torrent of the times and various popular cultures and continue to run forward. Just not to be coerced, not to be alienated, and to become ourselves. However, over time, people became numb, hopeless, no longer dreaming, and repeated mechanical exercises step by step every day, sitting there all day, and people no longer resist this inhumane treatment. Time crossed the scars of the road, and then they died. The next generation must continue to complete the so-called "mission" for them. Everyone is exhausted, but it doesn't tell us when it will end. So for a long time, people have been in a passive state (some people even forget what time exactly is, and its existence). One day, when many people were running exhausted and about to fall, the sky suddenly shed a golden light from the chaos. No one knew what it was, but their eyes were suddenly attracted, and their eyes were mixed. Such kind of scenery is like they have never seen before as if a person who has survived hunger and cold, body and mind suddenly injected with warm current With love. At this moment, people can suddenly feel their heartbeat, feel the surrounding magnetic field, people's breath, footsteps, eyes, etc., and have a "feel" for the universe. "What a wonderful feeling it is” 

Ït’s the re-birth.“ Gradually, they stopped, and everyone else stopped, and the vast clock overhead stopped, and they looked at the light for a long time. Someone slowly sat down and snuggled up to the person next to them…



A summary risk assessment of the project

(For other related details, please refer to OHS regulations,vic)

A statement of benefit of the project to the location and people involved (Australia or overseas)

An outline of medium that will be used and what outcome will be

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