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  Sky Tales 

Since childhood, I have always been captivated by the sky, especially when observing the ever-changing shapes of clouds dancing under the gentle caress of the wind and bathed in sunlight. In those moments, the clouds take on the forms of peculiar creatures, frolicking in my imagination. I often wonder if these ethereal beings truly exist, evoking a unique sensation within me.

My recent art creation coincided with the hottest month in Australia, during a challenging lockdown period. Suddenly, I found myself with an abundance of time to be with myself, and this solitude became increasingly central to my life.

Throughout the lockdown, I experienced a rollercoaster of emotions—fear, helplessness, frustration, boredom, and even anger. Each day felt like an endless repetition of the same living environment I had grown so accustomed to. These emotions seeped into my art, and my works now reflect this tumultuous inner journey. It's been so long since we had rain, more than two weeks have felt like years.

Then, one day, as the thunder roared, I turned to look out of my window and saw the sky inked with dark clouds, resembling spilled inkblots. The rain poured relentlessly, rekindling my heart's emotions. Amidst this tempestuous scene, a cloud caught my eye, resembling a mythical creature from Western culture—a brave, chimera-like beast. Surrounding it were smaller clouds, resembling tiny beings or beasts. Together, they weaved through the black clouds and lightning, forming a mesmerising tableau.

Filled with excitement and gratitude, I seized the moment, capturing this unforgettable sight. The heavy rain cleansed my rusty heart, and with newfound clarity, I thought, "I must paint this, right now!" Grateful that I still hold a deep connection with nature, I channeled my inner visions onto canvas, releasing them from my mind onto my hands, and finally, sharing them with others.




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